Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Online Payment Processing Resources

 I just looked at my inbox and saw a few items that are worth sharing.

Payments 101: A Guide to Who Does What in Payments - free download! From a processor called Infinicept

The Global Payments Report by McKinsey (high end global consulting firm. They're very smart. Just ask them!)

A Small Business Guide to Payment Processing by the Motley Fool (a huge investment info and advisory service which started with and still has some attitude)

A Detailed Guide to Payment Processing by GETTRX.  Very detailed. Love this one.

Credit Card Processing- A Definitive Guide by M2P Fintech (Medium?). notes...

Credit card processing fees are broken into

  1. Interchange: The commission fee that goes to the issuer bank, non-negotiable.
  2. Assessments: The commission fee that goes to the card network brand, non-negotiable.
  3. Markup: The commission fee that goes to the payment processor, negotiable.


Monday, September 20, 2021

Service Help for Credit Cards that didn't go through. By Gravy


Hey John,

We're seeing that many companies and platforms with subscriptions or monthly payment plans tend to lose %12 of their revenue every month due to failed payment plans without even knowing it.

Was wondering how you’re recovering failed payments?

Happy to share what others are doing to stop the bleeding but first I wanted to see if this is something you’d be open to. No rush.


Ryan with Gravy


RYAN STRUFING Senior Relationship Development Representative


 303 916 1929











Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Industry Data on Visa Decline Rates

 I've heard that:

Card-present transactions have a decline rate of 1.4%.
ECI (eCommerce) transactions have a decline rate of 15%.
Recurring transactions have the highest chance  decline rate of 23.6%.

I'm not totally sure of the date for this data and whether it can be tracked on a month by month basis. Anyone?