Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About me & this blog

I run an online educational services company that bills our members credit cards monthly. I have through the years, struggled to find good information about appropriate rates, level of service, and vendor choices. Finally, I have started researching the topic in some detail.

This blog is first of all, a record of my research. However, there are probably many more people like me who "fall" into a credit card relationship without fully understanding their choices and alternatives.

This website is for them. It's also for the vendors who need a way to tell about what distinguishers their gateway and merchant services offering.

If you would like to contribute an article, please contact me via a comment. The basic rule is that I will consider any professionally written article with useful information for publication in this blog. I'll allow a few appropriate links (up to 3) in the articles plus a byline with an overt commercial advertisement and a link.

I'll also accept advertising and advertising articles although I'll insist that if it's a paid submission, I'll make sure that it's clearly marked (I follow a "I disclose" policy).

Articles by websites that wish to review their different vendors will also be accepted.

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