Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blogs about credit card processing

First, I'd like to say that while this site is currently positioned as a blog, this is only phase 1 of a plan to build an entire website with many resources for those setting up and using credit cards online. If you wish to contribute articles, in exchange for links and bylines, contact us.

As part of the prep, I'm trying to build a list of blogs on similiar topics:

I'll start with two incredibily well-written blogs. Both are written to support a vendor but neither one is heavy-handed or slanted. They both claim to be and seem to be genuninely useful sources of information on a wide ranging array of topics. Neither is taking advertisements or providing full directory services.

Payment Processing Services is a blogspot blog supporting Unibul's merchant services. It is a well-written and useful blog which provides useful information on topics such as:
Chargeback monitoring , representation rights for cards not present, and PCI compliance. The blog has been active since May and gets updated on average almost daily. The writing is good and it covers both small and large business topics (the current articles are about credit cards and the airline industry).

The Merchant Account Blog - This is a second really incredibly useful blog. Its also supporting a business services site, Merchant Equipment Store. It's slightly more professional in terms of the blog set-up (it has it's own URL and an apparently custom design although today, the right column is messed up so it appears at the bottom of the page).

More later.....

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