Saturday, September 27, 2008

Card Not Present

If you know what "card not present" means, or you are trying to find out, you've come to the right website. Inside the credit card processing world, we can divide transactions into those in which the card is present or is not present.

"Card present" means that the credit card, and the card holder presumably, is present at the cash register, like in a store or restaurant or any other retail-like environment. The card can be physically swiped and looked at by the store personnel. A driver's license or other picture ID can be requested. This part of the credit card world is not what I'm interested in and is not what this website is about. Thanks for visiting but you should go click on some link that will take you elsewhere. I wouldn't complain if you'd click on one of the pay-per-clicks on your way out and left me a nickel tip but please, only do so if the advertisement truly interests you. You probably, being in a "card present" world, don't really understand the significance of me NOT asking you to click frivolously on those PPC ads so you are missing my wit and the massive economic boom that I am part of. Thanks for visiting. Good bye.

For those of you in the "card not present world", I'd divide you into a few groups. There are some of you who are in the mail order and catalog and telemarketing world or those who are in massive corporate operations. You either are not involved in the card processing or you are a complete professional in it. If you are a professional, your expertise dwarfs mine. Please contribute some free articles of interest to us.

If you are only tangentially involved in credit card processing or if you are a small business type (like me) who relies on credit cards for online payments, then you are in exactly the right place. Over the next few months, I am going to build a website with a directory, glossary, reviews, FAQs, and other useful info for those of us who find penetrating the credit card processing merchant services world unnecessarily difficult.

Thanks for visiting. Please book mark me. And come back soon.

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