Friday, October 24, 2008

Researching card updater & voice authorizations

Interesting things that peaked my interest during my cc research on 10/21/08: - there is a feature mentioned where every 3 months when a member logs in they are requested to re-authorize their cc info. Pretty cool, especially since they only get it when they log in. Not quite sure where they log into to get the re-auth but i'll ask our vendor if they heard of it.

I read through our vendors site and the voice auths caught my eye. I’m thinking we should try it again. I’m waiting for our vendor to call me back. I'm going to get a cc# from one of the voice auth declines and see whether or not i can get approval on it. would be great if i can.

I followed up with Discover. We don’t qualify for Discover’s merchant updater because we are not a large enough merchant. They won't provide us with anymore info.

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