Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paypal - hard to get a straight answer

I spent an hour on the phone with PayPal today trying to solve a few problems and get a few questions answered:

  1. How does one hook up Google analytics to get real data when a significant percent of the customers are leaving the site to go to PayPal to sign up? Can we put analytics code on a thank you page on PayPal? The problem is that the Thank You Page on Paypal has a return to site button but it's a small button.
  2. We have two distinct business units and we'd like to easily track PayPal payments to distinct business units. Is this possible using a single PayPal account? I think not, so this raises new questions.
  3. Can the same business, defined as a single FEIN (tax ID), have two PayPal business accounts? I think not but after an hour on the phone today, the operator and his supervisor assured us that we could so long as they were linked to separate bank accounts.

Friday, August 21, 2009

PayPal as an adequate Merchant Account Solution

I have signed up PayPal as a merchant solution. I had assumed, like other merchant accounts that I have, that there's a way to use PayPal in a corporate environment so that there are staff people with limited access to the account. They can pull reports and refund money but can't access sending money and other high level functions. I'm afraid that I can't find how to access these functions. Do they exist? If not, I'm shocked....

Second Problem - We're doing some testing and I'm trying to see how to track credit card declines. Again, I can't find that PayPal reports declines. Is that possible?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More credit card declines

I logged into my credit card merchant account and found this cheery news:

As a result of over 100 million credit card numbers being stolen from Heartland Payment Systems (and other companies) we're seeing a large increase in credit card declines. Some of these declines are because many Bankds and Credit Unions have issued new cards to card holders and cancelled the cards that may have been compromised.