Saturday, January 1, 2011

Everyone wants to process my credit card payments

I am amazed by how many companies have approache me recently to process my credit cards.

I use Quickbooks Online for our accounting system.  Intuit (the company behind them) are running a series of ads about how they want to process our credit cards. Interestingly enough, when I look at their ads, they fail to use the argument that I would like to hear them make which is that the record keeping and analytics will be more effective and more tightly integrated.

I use the Bank of America for my banking. They run ads for credit card processing at me constantly and sometimes, their local merchant processing lady makes a run at convincing me.

American Express, with whom I have a credit card, wants to do my credit card processing.  How weird is that? Do I have it right?

The mom of one my kids friend works for another bank. She really wants to do my credit card processing.

My landlord seems to have a sideline as an ISO - independent sales office - for some credit card processing solution. He's been around my office sniffing around with the usual promise that he can save me a thousand a year.

I do process my credit cards (some of them) through PayPal. Google has wanted me to use Google checkout but no longer has any real incentive to make their case.

There's been someone calling recently with a pitch about being our wholesale broker and he's like to cut out the middle man. I particularly get annoyed at him since has such a sneaky pitch that he gets past the people whose job it is to protect me from sales calls. Once I even got confused and thought he was servicing our account.  Fortunately, after he had the meeting scheduled, he asked some question about our volume which signalled to me that he was prospecting and qualifying. I confronted him and found that I had been mislead. I hung up on him and am still angry.

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So how do / did you choose a credit card processor?