Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Websites: From a Billboard to a Channel

Many small companies initially add a website thinking of it as a billboard, advertisement, or catalog for themselves.

 But pretty quickly, many companies wonder if they could perhaps use the website for customers to "self-serve" and to order on their own. 

 For an astounding number of products and services, the online approach to doing business turns out to be very efficient and effective. It changes an enormous number of aspects of how business is transacted. As part of this streamlining, many companies need to think of a new payment system. Setting up a credit card merchant account and handling online automated credit card payments turns out to be pretty simple. 

But, one of the first steps is an important one, the choice of a service to handle the credit card processing. North American Bancard offers great credit card processing services but before you decide to move ahead with any one provider it’s always a good move to weigh all your options thoroughly.

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