Monday, July 11, 2011

Paypal Lack of Convenience

So we now use PayPal as our merchant account on two out of our three subscription business lines.This means that they handle our credit card payments online as well as the "Paypal" payments:
But their lack of good reporting and analysis tools are driving us crazy.  Here's an internal discussion of the issues.

In regard to the new income account, I can do that in QB, however, is there any other way of sorting the payments in Paypal into the different account other than by the payto email address? Will there be certain dollar amounts for this income? In order to see the email that the payments were sent to, I would have to open up each payment to see the detail. If it will be certain dollar amounts, then I won't have to look at the detail. Let me know.  And opening up each payment will take forever.

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