Sunday, September 8, 2013

American Express Privacy Statement - Clear but troubling

I looked closely at my corporate AMEX bill this month and noticed some things that amazed. One was that they had a very clear well-written easy-to-read statement about their privacy. BRAVO.

Secondly, their statement basically was that I have no privacy. Thgey are basically saying that all of my transactions can be used for their purposes and their affiliates purposes. These can be used for marketing and for "everyday business" purposes.  Even my social security number and income, which I assumed had some privacy around it, can be broadly shared to anyone that they decide to "affiliate" with.  Affiliate is defined later on as companies they own or control.

There's also directions on "opt-out" which will limit how much cirect marketing comes to us.  It does not opt out of other sharing of my data.

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