Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Card Not Present Expo

The Card Not Present Expo is coming up and is conveniently located for us. Also, it's a hot topic. Nevertheless, the agenda seems a little too deep for me, the part that I'm interested in is the three hour bootcamp which is 2-5pm,  Monday, May 19th, $648 for the whole four day expo. It's in Orlando.  I wonder if there is a price just for the Boot Camp?

Intro: What Every CNP Merchant Should Know: 
Navigating Today's Challenging Payments Eco-System
  • The State of The Payments Union; 2014 Threats Update
  • Effective Payment Processing; Getting Set Up For Success
  • Protecting Your Sales Process From Fraud; Pre-Sales Trends and Tools
  • Post-Sale Challenges/Considerations; Effective Chargeback Management
  • Maximizing Your Billing and Customer Retention Efforts
  • Mobile and Emerging Payments
The CNP Boot Camp has been specially programmed for attendees to learn as much as possible—as quickly as possible—about accepting card-not-present transactions and the complex issues surrounding them. The Boot Camp was developed in response to feedback from merchants and industry executives and will provide campers a knowledge base enabling them to optimize their timeand get the most they can out of the rest of the Expo.

The Next Step: 
Profit from New Markets and New Realities
  • Evolving business models: ISO to PSP
  • Expanding from the US to global markets
  • Landing in Europe: a regulatory approach
  • Fraud challenges for international expansion
  • Mobile Payments: business models around the world
  • Navigating Alternative Payments in three dimensions
Reg TodayBased on the phenomenal success last year of our Boot Camp workshop, this year we are serving the other end of the spectrum. We will be offering a Grad School program, designed for veteran payments professionals, that will offer a more sophisticated look at the issues under debate in CNP payments and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. This session will be will be offered free of charge to all registered attendees, and will run simultaneously with the Boot Camp Workshop.

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