Thursday, May 1, 2014

Merchant Account Credit Card Consulting

We have searched around for a number of years to improve our credit card processing and so far, haven't been able to make a decision. Our problems:

  • Our current processor works, we have ten people trained on using it, it's integrated with us technically and in our accounting system. As a small company, it seems like an overwhelming project to change processors
  • The costs are bad but whose to say how bad? Overall, Visa/MC/ processing add up to around 3.9% of revenue with the average transaction at ~$24 on over $5M of business.  Will they definitely go down if we switch?
  • Sometimes, our current processor does something good about fixing a problem or providing us info so we like him.
  • Other vendors sound like they are full of it saying all sorts of silly things about reduced costs (which they won't guarantee) and pooh pooing how difficult it will be to switch.
So we've finally made a decision. We've decided to hire a consultant to help us figure out what to do. Enter Paul Larsen consulting. We might work with Mr. John Sullivan. Stay tuned....

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Abdul bari said...

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