Thursday, December 3, 2015

P-Cards or Procurement Cards for Schools

Pcard procurement card for schools
Pcard procurement card for schools
Procurement by schools can be complicated and bureaucratic.  Enter the idea of streamlining purchasing for purchases under $5,000 with a purchasing card also known as a School PCard , School Procurement cards, or P-Card.

The Educational PCard allows schools to purchase  goods and services  as part of a traditional purchase order system or through a streamlined system. 

In England,  purchasing cards are known as procurement cards. And trucks are lorries, cops are bobbies, and elevators are lifts but that's another story. Click to know more about UK vs US language and words.  

I learned about school pcards from a leading educational vendor known as VocabularySpellingCity.  They are one of the national leaders with sales directly to teachers which is now being broadly adopted by schools and districts based on some adapting they made to the more advanced needs of principals and districts.  VocabularySpellingCity leads as an Supplementary ELA product for elementary schools

An alternative approach to giving money directly to schools is to use an advanced teacher level funds distribution and purchasing system such as ClassWallet. 

Another vendor that helped educate me on purchasing for schools is MyPrepWorks, a leading educational company specialized in test preparation systems for algebra EOC tests, high stakes standardized tests (SAT, ACT), and so on.

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