Sunday, February 28, 2016

Card Not Present, Recurring Bills, and All the Business Questions

Dear Readers,
I'm going to totally update the content on this site with a set of new posts, or maybe pages, summarizing our knowledge on these key topics.

It will be a summary of the key business issues related to the credit card processing of a card not present intangible subscription business model. It'll be a course unto itself.

I have written on all these topics before but for my own purposes, I will update and review my thinking on these topics and write out a top level summary.

You lucky readers will benefit from all this wisdom. In return, I ask for not for cash. If you think it is useful, just comment on the site saying so,  link to this site, tweet or post about it (directly to the articles that you find most useful) and also, if you see an ad that is of interest to you, don't hesitate to click on it and patronize the advertiser.  At $0.20 a click to me, after a few years, I might find that given the time that I will investing in this site, that I might be making all of a dollar an hour. Woo hoo!

Topics (subject to change, feedback desired).

Credit card transaction cost systems: Interchange versus <what's the other one called?>
Interchange rate details
Key Metrics on an online subscription business: Recruiting and Retaining
Shopping Card Declines
Subscription Member Services
Credit Card Declines: Interpreting the codes
Credit Card Processing:  Storing Cards, Cards in a Vault with tokens,
Changing Credit Card Vendors
Credit Card Processing Contracts
Visa, Mastercharge, Diners Club, Discover, and American Express
Shopping Cart Software


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