Friday, December 23, 2016

K12 School Purchasing, Credit Cards, School P Cards, Procurement Cards

I run an edtech business, one part of which sells to schools and teachers. Most of that revenue (65%) comes in from credit cards, 35% from purchase orders.

Problem number one. You probably read that last sentence and thought it was the whole story. I wish it were. I use to think it was. It turns that there are lots of schools who purchase through a PO but when it comes time to pay, they pay with a credit card. So in fact, some purchase are purchase order AND credit card.  Sure messed up our accounting until we figured it out and learned to account for it.

Question number one. Q1. Of the 65% of the revenue that comes in from credit cards, is there a way to distinguish on our side between personal credit cards and school Pcards?  It would be really interesting to know.

Second question. Of the teachers paying with their personal credit card, should we start asking them whether they are being reimbursed by their school for it?

Fintech is a hot area as in school fintech with company such as Class Wallet and others looking at possibilities for improvement through technology to help education.


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