Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Looking for Credit Card Decline metrics (for card not present)

 We've had some indication recently that we are getting increasing numbers of credit card declines (we're a subscription business with card not present) so I'm looking thru my email to see if there are any great information sources on time series data for consumer credit card decline rates.

In my inbox I did find this, maybe they'll have something:


Hey there,

It's been a while since we've connected, and you may have not have seen this:

It's one of the most popular recently released reports — The Annual Subscription Billing Metrics Report — compiled using metrics from more than 2,000 businesses over the last year. You'll find key factors influencing churn, industry benchmarks, and actionable insights for every industry.

There's a ton of other resources like this one, and more planned, so let's keep in touch. We'll send you monthly newsletters brimming with more content like the benchmark report, as well as invite-only events, to keep you on top of industry news, tips, and trends.




Alycia Simpson

Director of Marketing 


NOTE: As a marketing guy, it does amuse me that after a company sends me an email, they ask me to fill out a form again.  They already know who I am and have me in their database.  Can't they identify thru the link who clicked thru and add that to their database?   

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