Thursday, February 11, 2021

Recycling, Updating, and AutoMaxing

 In the card not present subscription business, there are some services that can be provided by some credit card processors that really help manage credit card declines.

Credit Card Updater - Many cards hit their expiration date or have to get replaced since they were lost or stolen. So the vendor who was doing recurring billing needs the subscriber to enter the new info right? Wrong! If you have an updater, in many cases, this update is done automatically!

Credit Card Recycler - Sometimes a credit card gets declined and has to be tried again. A recycling engine optimizes the timing on these submission to improve the likelihood of it being accepted. 

Authomaxing  - This service improves billing success rates by optimizing the category of the billing submitted. It's the newest of the services.

We do all of these plus we maintain a  high level of data hygiene and very low chargeback rates...

We do tens of millions of dollars per year as monthly subscriptions with a surprising low average bill: it's around $25!  

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